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2007 Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Town & Country Trailer Brake Controller Install

"Standard" Wire colors to the controller (Tekonsha and others):

    • Tekonsha and others
    • Function
    • Black
    • Battery Positive to controller
    • White
    • Negative Ground for Controller 
    • Blue
    • Brake feed from controller to Trailer plug at back of truck 
    • Red
    • tap into truck Brake light switch signal to tell controller to apply brakes 

Remember, the above colors are just a GUIDE. your colors may be different, read the instructions!

Under the dash, we tapped into brake light switch. We found the white wire with tan tracer came on when we pressed the brake pedal. Also, with a simple twist of the brake switch, it comes loose from the mount and will drop down, making it much easier to reach!

We found a easy spot on the firewall and grounded the ground wire under the dash with a sheet metal screw.

We used red jacketed 2 conductor wire for the brake wire and power feed. One wire feeds power to the controller, one wire is the brake power from the controller.

We tapped into the WHITE wire with the TAN tracer for the brake light signal (red wire on the controller). Test to be sure, it must power on when the brake pedal is pushed. (See picture above, under the dash)

Battery feed was taken from the battery feed wire for the trailer plug (under the hood)

The ground wire (WHITE) was grounded under the dash

Under the hood, we installed a 20 amp Circuit Breaker, to power the controller (running the power into the cabin, though the firewall grommet), connecting to a un-used fuse terminal inside the fuse box under the hood.

A small hole was drilled in the fuse box for the power wire to pass through, then directly to the circuit breaker. A direct battery feed could have been used also.

At the rear of the Van, In this install, we used the standard "T connector" to power the lights, then drilled a hole in the floor in the back of the van to pass the wires through. We used silicone sealer to seal up the hole after the wire was ran.

The inside panels just pop in and out, no screws.

The location shown allows us to drill through and not hit the main box frame or the hitch. This van had the 3 row seating that folded into to the floor. We drilled right at the edge of the seal well.