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Bull Dog 10,000 pound Drop Leg Jack repair

So, you forgot to raise your jack up all the way, and now the foot is bent??? Or it just plain quit working. Problem is the jack is welded to the trailer frame in every possible way, making total replacement almost impossible. All you need to do is swap out the "guts" of the jack with all new parts. Follow along as we "drop" the insides out of the jack.

Take the sheet metal cover of the top, two screws, obvious how to do this. Once the cover is off, this is what you ill see:

The jack handle shafts passes all the way through. A hex bushing is on either, a spring in the middle, and a gear on the right. There is a pin under the spring that hold the shaft from slipping out.

To get that pin out, you have to pill the spring back. I used a long "zip strap" to pull it back and hold it. the pin just slides out, NOT press fit! Easy to remove. The spring is not really that strong.

There the pin is. You could dig out some grease....

One the pin is out, the jack handle shaft slides right out. You have the two end bushings, the gear and spring, simple!

Once the jack handle shaft is is slide out, another gear is below. This gear just lifts out:

Beneath this gear is another slide in pin (not press fit). Just slip this pin out, and the entire inside of the jack will slide out, and a new replacement can be installed.